Tuesday, October 31, 2006

asian flair

i've been wandering around the markets here, looking for finds, finding not much.
i think about the money i have, and the time i have left. i think of countless souviners and what ones i still have from trips past. i have already purchased and "lost" several items of clothing, a doller here, three dollars there. i am however becoming more and more tempted to adopt this wild asian flair for dressing.
polk-a-dots, layers and layers of lace and ruffels, stripes in every size and direction...strange cute logos that look as if they've been vomited onto an artical of clothing. i saw a Sam Flores knock off today, so tempted to buy it for what it was and send it to him, tell him he's huge in Thailand, so Soy if you talk to him pass it on.
so far i have resisted, or sort off. i grow weaker and weaker every time i go out, and as my own clothes become smelly, oh so smelly, i eyeball the ridiculous.
i worry for myself. i have never really known where to stop when wild fashion is at hand. i'm never to sure if that is a good or bad thing. i am all for self expression, and if you got style then fuck it, do it, oh and i have style, but...i have some style skeletons in my closet. oh a walk down memory lane brings you kristine in so many different ways, it makes me laugh and that can't be bad.
i love fashion, i love asian fashion. someone please stop me. i think there are 12 step programs for this...i'm glad i live with soy, helping me with my asain bling bling.

i didn't sleep at all last night. i couldn't sleep, at first i just couldn't, then i was reading, then i had a friend come to visit, i started to call him clyde. he was a /is a cockroach and he is sharing my room with me. clyde is quite a large roach and body alone i would say close to my palm size, not counting his feelers. i saw him on the wall, hiding, and it really freaked me out. so i had this great idea, i'll throw a towl on him and throw it into the hall. good idea. so i grabbed a towl, knocked him off the wall, under the towl, and began to ball it up so i could fling it into the hall. Clyde being a cockroach and a descendent of Houdini, easily crawled out and under my bed. i was uncomfertable with him on the wall, but really freaked out with him under the bed.
i used to date this guy, who will remain nameless but he was an oober rich baby, and he used to sleep with the lights on in his apartment because he was afraid of cockroaches. i always hated that, i hate to sleep with any hint of light, but as soon as i turned them off i had a heebee-jeebee fit, lights bach on, i really didn't want to spoon with clyde.
so the lights remained on, but beside that there was some screaming thai sex going on close by...i felt like i was listening to the soundtrack of a really pornographic manga. this litterally stopped and started, but went on for a few hours. and as soon as the chicks voice got really high pitch and loud the dogs in the area started howling. i kid you not. so between the two i simply stayed up, finished my book, did some yoga, some stretching and before you know it it is light outside and i have a coffee shop down the street from my place.
i know the thrills of travel, don't you wish you were me?


Anonymous said...

yes i do wish i were you! damn, it beats the office any day. I am INTO the street-fashion thing. i say go for it, wahhhhhhhhhhhhh i want stuff tooo!!! -T

Anonymous said...

back home it is not called fashion but what's available and what is affordable. we miss you.