Saturday, October 28, 2006

Nan stop

i am off the beaten path, in a little place called Nan, it makes me want to eat indian food, but i think i will be luck with plain rice in a place like this.
it is small and supposidly full of hill tribes, however they look like the rest of the thai's to me. i hear you have to take a trek to go visit their "villages" but that it is more like old town reinactment of what hill tribes were like. i'm trying to find the down and dirty here but it may just be too much tourism. there isn't much english spoken here and my 5 words in thai hardly does the trick, i'll have to dig out my phrase book...only passing the day here, i'm leaving tomorrow to go even further north.
on a wonderful note kristina scored in the 99%-tial on her LSAT, i always knew she was brilliant, and is inindated with law school applications...we will meet up soon and head into Lao together.
the past few days have been temple after temple and rides in tuk tuks that are more like hotdog stands being pushed forward by the back half of a motorcycle, not my favorite way of traveling...not a very smart transport.
the humidity isn't so great up here, or the season is cooling, or both. tourist season is coming up but i am the only person at my guesthouse. i arrived last night at maybe 9pm and the whole town was shut down, they had to wake someone up to let me in. but i did finally have a cave dark silent room and a great night of sleep, so maybe i should stay just for that.
i'll let you know if this town holds any treasures for me!

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