Monday, October 30, 2006

3buses later

so here i am...oh where might that be? you ask? well i'm glad you asked, since last i wrote i've taken several bus trips, one was to a little place called Nan. i arrived at 9pm -ish and the town had already been sleeping for a few hours...i tried to blog, wrote my little heart out about bad modes of transportation, and riding in a hotdog cart, but no the connection wasn't having it, bye bye to cyberspace. after that i really didn't have the heart to write.
i have now been on the road for 33ish days and the man next to me just farted SO LOUD, yeah not really a problem here, anyways on the road, some amount of time. the honeymoon period has worn off and believe it or not pad-thai just isn't as tasty as it once was. i did however have a wonderful thai ice tea off the street today, they made it like a fancy bubble drink and it put a pep in my step as i searched for a lonely planet recommended vegetarian resturant. oh i'm in Chaing Rai by the way, Nan was only for a day. you have to worry about a town who has the logo "you'll never know till you go!" yeah well i know and it really wasn't worth it...but i can say i've been!
so yeah traveling traveling. i am at the golden triangle gate way, i gues back in the 60's and 70's this was THE place for opium and heroin. it is still pretty popular i hear, and now also a gateway for i'll be searching out an opium den later tonight and passing the next 5 months there, mom and ded please send money ASAP! heehee just a joke ded...
so yeah not much really, i've been on the look out for jewlery and i've just been really dissapointed, well maybe in Lao, i can't come back empty handed, then the troupe really wouldn't take me back!
i had a ride in the most ass backwards contraption. think of a pushcart, or i imagine one of those hotdog venders in down town, basically a weird box with 2 wheels. this box is surrounded by a metal cage with one side open. then it is propelled by the back half of a motorbike. just the back tire and the seat, it is steered by the man on the bike holding onto the cage, and it has a strange peddle system to stop and go. the passanger of course sits inside the box, and watches through the front as you are flying down the street. what is protecting you from bumps and simply falling forward, out of the box and INSTANTLY getting run over by the cart and the driver? nothing. nothing except for the fear of your life as you hold onto rusty metal bars...not my favorite means of transport, you also get the front line of bugs hitting you in the face. yeah kinda stupid, it's like the opposite of a tuk tuk, they had to do something with all those spare parts!
i think that i will remain here in chaing rai for another day or two and then travel south to chaing mai. kristina has yet again pushed back our meeting date, but she is VERY busy. i'm happy to announce that she was in the 99%-tial in her LSAT scores and is simply perfecting her law school application as i type. i am insanly proud of her and take credit for all her glory, thank you thank you...
so until then travel and i are going to couples therapy and we are trying to work out the "problems" we are having.
uh oh our governator is on tv, time for me to skip out of this internet hole. -xoxoxoxox

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Anonymous said...

i think you should try the opium. I WOULD LOOOOOOOVE TO TRY IT!!!! don't know if I *would* though...i'm sure if i was there with you, i'd peer-pressure you into it. 'cause I'm sooooooo powerful....