Wednesday, October 18, 2006

fly paper or sesame seed bars

i am sitting in an interenet cafe staring up at a strip of fly paper, that oddly enough from this distance looks like a sesame seed bar. there are hundreds of small bugs floating around, and one or two large mosquitos i am trying to keep my eye on.

so i spent my first day fearlesly riding a motorbike around the heavenly temples of angkor wat. the ruins are breathtaking, the ascent to the top is enough to make a nervous man loose his lunch, and the descent is felt to be near impossible. the steps are thin, even for my small feet, and then add in the wind, and the rain storn that started when i was at the shelter of the highest peek, you have a lovely morning.
i could see so much from the landing. just amazing temples and reliefs carved into stone hundreds of years old.
headless buddhas littered all the temples i saw, decapitated for money, sold for a profit over the thai border. cambodia is working to replace all these heads, but there are so many missing.

so i looked for god today, and despite the unparalle beauty of this sacred sight i think there were too many tourists there, too many stands selling $1 cambodia t-shirts, too many kids pawing and screaming for you to buy their books. if disnyland is americas disneland and kyoto is japans disneyland angkor wat is definitly cambodias disneyland. don't get me wrong i LOVE going to disneyland, but i don't think god really digs it so much.

i have two more days paid to to explore, it is a hefty ticket price to get into this joint...

i was going to write more but little nats are falling on me like snow, i have about twenty of them enjoying their final rest in my lap at the moment, make it 25. i wonder how many more will tangle in my greads and decompose there? eww.

i woke up this morning with the sweet flavor of a well loved life on my tounge. i had wonderful dreams last night, and a quiet room...i have an endless amount of time to wander, and feel as if i am finally setteling into my own skin again.

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