Wednesday, October 11, 2006

toe by toe or how i almost saw a tsunami

so here i am lost in paradise, or someone told me it was paradise and i believed them. i guess it's really not their fault because cheap ass that i am i am traveling during the "off" season. so you read about the trek out here. well the next day i woke, bug free and was happy.hmmm i should really refresh my old blogs befor i begin writing because i forget where i left off.

well anyways i have this great hut that the water almost runs under, it's got a big hard bed that leans so the first night i woke up curled up at the end of it, last night i put my head there and slept alright. the sheets have flowers on them and the mosquito net is princess pink and i can sleep with the door and windows open and listen to the ocean. last night i had some room mates, two geckos both as long as my elbow to my finger tip, and a moth the size of my hand. they weren't much for talking but they listen really well.

so last night was the start of season crazy stoner bash at the place i was staying, so i left early and went back to my hut to swing on my own private hammock, that's when the rain rolled in. i mean it rained the night i arrived, and then yesterday morning, but last night it RAINED! all night long well into the morning. when i say morning i mean like 11am straight down pour. i heard that on the mainland of thailand 2 people drowned from the floods. i thought about ditching the island because all i was seeing was weird old men and cool hemp art but after hearing about the flooding and thinking of the long road back into thailand i opted to stay and wait the stoem out.

also i had a tattoo apointment for this morning so i couldn't bounce out on that.

well back to the rain. i have nothing better to do so i lay in a hammock for about 20hrs a day, swinging back and forth staring at the sea. i am also reading this AMAZING book called the tibetan book of living and dying and loving it! but part of the book talks about how buddhists imagine their death, to prepair for the fact that you can never really know when death is coming for you, or coming for others. so the storm starts and all i can think about is tsunamies. this was a really bad storm. the sky was black as well as the water, and the wind was physically shaking my hut, shaking the trees, blowing people over. the waves were getting really high and i watched nervously from the commen deck are for the water to get pulled way way back just once...i was eyeballing the room for something to hold onto and wondering exactly how long i could hold my breath. i'm such a chicken, but of course i wasn't worried enough to get out of my hammock

so the storm persisted through the night, and hence my lovely bedfellows.

so i get up this morning to the storm ragging and i head out for breakfast and then over for my tattoo.

yeah traditional thai bamboo tattoo. can i just say that having really sensetive feet i should have re-thought the toe tattoo. this shit hurt like a mother fucker, but it's done with. my mantra was "stabstabstabstabstabstabstabstab" and then it was inturrepted with "toe by toe buddy just take it toe by toe"
my tattoo artist was really nice and his wife and daughter hung out with me, his wife spoke english but he didn't say much. i think my favorite part was when he was smoking while tattooing me. i have a picture of that.

well fortunatly the rain stopped and i had some really spicy food. i'm trying to work up a tolerance while here but baby steps...i think i feel down the stairs with the last meal and have plumped up botox lips to prove it. ugh kids, thai kids with screaming loud voices. yuck. okay i'm going to try and post pictures of me being tattooed, let's see if i'm lame enough or what. xoxoxoxoxo


baby j said...

do you remember pesto kids?

kristineadams said...

no? the pesto kids? remind that like dropping the kids off at the pool?