Sunday, October 01, 2006

FYI or more words about nothing

so i found out in my settings that i can open comments to everyone, so you don't need to join this site to post a comment about my blog, sorry if you are already a member!
thank you for those that do comment, and that you are NOT commenting on my bad spelling and grammer, i am so over it!but i can't seem to answer to the comments, i'm probably just being slow, or lazy, but yeah. send me email's too, i love emails!

i love that people are actually reading it and responding, it makes it a little more nerve racking now knowing that you know about my close encounters with a thai massage lady, although that story was pretty PC.

my adventure since i last wrote was basically i set out to go one place and never made it. i walked and walked and walked and walked and NEW i was going the wrong way, but was unwilling to turn around. i walked by the government house and the tanks are gone, too bad no photos. i recieved cat calls from a truck full of thai military men, which made me laugh because i am definitly not looking hot in a good way right now. more like hot in a wear you pj's outside and sweat hot.

i did buy a new outfit today! of yeah spent about $5 bucks on it, things are so fucking cheap here!

i walked through a food stand where they were selling some sort of beetle to eat, deep fried crabs, and what looked to be a meat stuffed pigs foot.

the heat, the meat, the smell, and the press of the people made me want to scream, but i just pushed through. in this country i'm a big woman. they are so aware of size here, and although i haven't yet been told i'm fat i'm waiting for it. it won't bother me because i confident about my body and am actually at my lightest weight in like 13 yrs, amazing what a break up, and living with a wonderful cook can do for you!

oh the food here is killer but it is no soy cooking that is fur sure!

no more deep thoughts for now.

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