Friday, October 20, 2006

aaahhh mom not another wat! or cambodian cookies.

oh good lord i have reached a temple limit. no more, i've had my fill and my brain is full.

God was not at any of those places either. i saw a massacre of butcherd buddhas, and a whole town of grubby children trying to sell me everything from a seed i'm supposed to eat to british pounds.
i've spent the past three days on a motor bike, and my ride today was to far reaching temples on bad roads. the ride was long, and if i closed my eyes i could easily imagine that i was on the back of a mechanised bull, except for my öh shit!" handle was under my butt. there was a time or five that i thought i would be thrown off, but i have a really strong grip.

this morning was a zombie ride, i think i took two pictures and couldn't even tell you the names or even what the wat's looked like.

i secured myself a bus this morning, i'm about to go fast and meditate and get myself ready for another boarder crossing. the final decision, the piece of lint that tipped the scales between east and west, you may wonder what it is...

i really wanted some chocolate last night. i have a huge sweet tooth, and have been fighting it off, valintly, but last night i gave in. i found one of theose random shops with single rolls of toliet paper, dried squid, pringles imitations where the first ingrident is MSG, and random jelly in a ball flavors. i found one of them and they had a box of chocolate chip cookies. yumm i think, i will have some for the bus tomorow, whichever bus i was taking.
so i bought them, and put 1/4 of one in my mouth. now how could a cookie be horrid? like so bad i won't even give them to street children. i wouldn't even swallow this one. i choked and spit it on the street where all other garabage goes when in cambodia.

so the scale tipping for me? kristinas going to make my favorite cookies! yeah i'm a tough one i know. cookies. i of course have to wait 10 days or so but hey, it's good to have something to look foward to.


baby j said...

too bad you don't have any sugar jars to raid in the middle of the night, little krissy.

soy said...

awww i wish i could airmail u some homemade cookies!!

kristineadams said...

mmm cookies..
i have been on a steady diet of pad thai and oddle enough i'm ready for a change.