Wednesday, November 01, 2006

cookies on the way

things that will forever say travel in a "developing country"
warm fanta orange in a glass bottel with a straw
princess pink toliet paper that looks and feels like a stucco wall
when my feet suddenly become unrecognizable under layers of dirt, tan, cuts, blisters, and bites
books covered in plastic...
i am in a town called chiang mai, the bus ride wasn't too long, 4hours, but third class on a suprisingly bumpy road for thailand. it was an AC bus, the AC was about 6 chrome fans attached to the ceiling. i am staying by a small strip of man made water. the fish are so abundent in this pond like strip that when you look into it there is little else to see but their thick black bodies rolling under the water.
i have a new guesthouse, i am on the 6th floor and the bathroom is the size of a phonebooth, there is a toliet that touches walls at its front and back, the shower is above it. i'll have to take a picture of it. i feel so large in this country, not like a big in the pants high roller large, but damn let me put on a mumu and stoop over. actually there are plenty of thais larger than me, but after this consistant diet of pad thai i'm glad i'm on the 6th floor...i think i'll be switching to rice!
chiang mai is known for its night market, i am excited and can't wait for the sun to set, i love the night markets, it's like being at the fair, minus the rides and cotton candy.
i spent the last two nights spooning with a cockroach and the past week hanging out with insomnia. i have read some really good books because of it and my yoga and dance practice is flourishing...ohh insomnia you are such a good friend!
i will be here about a week waiting for kristina to come find me, it gives me time to do laundry and run around this really big town.

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