Monday, November 27, 2006

a little homesick

so thailand is almost behind me. i have been on the road for a bit now, and really am at a loss for what to do. with no plan i jump on buses. for those of you following along at home in the past few days i have gone from Chiyapum to some weird town i don't know the name of to Phitsanulok to Tak to Mae Sot to Mae Sariange to Mae Hong Son. basically i am traveling up the north on the road that lies between myanmar and thailand. i checked out the border crossing for myanmar and deceided not to go, which is probably for the best considering their bad politics.
i did however get to meet and see burmes people and it was cool.

thinking of taking a night train all the way down south, but it is high season for tourists and prices are sky rocketing!

mae hong son is a quiet town and the sun is setting. there is a lake by where i am staying and a small night market, so i am off to explore and try and deceid what to do with my tomorrow!

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TISH said...

You are going to kill me when I tell you that I am just catching up with you RIGHT now. Funny, YOU'VE gone to explore the outside world in your journey to deal with certain things, and I've done the exact opposite, going to explore the inner-sanctum of my mind in order to deal w/ certain things...haha. Ah yes, we shall reconvene and compare notes. Sorry to have taken so long to read this. It wasn't for lack of love!! :)