Wednesday, November 15, 2006

day 52 or so

back in T-town, for those of you who aren't cool (though i know all my readers are) that is thailand.
i figured, i am counting, that i am on day 53 or so of my trip.
i have fallen into a hippy haven with small clean rooms, communal tables, roads of smooth rocks, yoga, reiki, astrology, vegetarian food, a garden with shade to sit in and hippies.

oh the highlights of this place is a pit puppy to snuggle and my neighbor plays the accordian. a quiet spoken man that's been playing as long as i've been alive.

i ment to pass through nong khai, simply see a sculpture garden and take off, but this place has lured me in. the traveling is begining to wear me a down a little bit, not quite enough to help me sleep nights, but enough to give me a little cold.


baby j said...

I thought T-town was Tacoma, and did you know that I LOVE thai iced tea and want it every time I see you with some?

Anonymous said...

I think T-Town stands for Tacompton- at least that is what I hear from a guy in Seattle. I had some of Trader Joe's Thai noodles in a box. Not bad if that is what you are living off.

Turkey Day is coming soon and I miss you.


kristineadams said...

you can buy ice tea in a bag for about 25 cents almost anywhere on the street, and if you're REALLY lucky you get little jelly bubbles in it!

Teesh said...

these many pics of you crunching down on straws is cracking me up.