Wednesday, November 22, 2006

in my pants...

i put on my pants today, and then about 7mins later i realized there was a cricket in ther with me!
not like an "oh hello mr. hopper you're really cute!" but like a "what the fuck! was that a roach?" it was pretty big, like daddy roach size. he hurt my foot when he hit it.
yeah how i missed it i don't really know. that i didn't scream was amazing. i did strip with a quickness and then fall on the floor laughing.
i suppose that's what i get for hanging out in the village cuts.
oh and on a sadder note i think i killed my ipod. the only one that's going to hurt is me. do you think i can make it a few more months with NO music? poo.

the count down to india is upon me and i'm wondering what i've missed here in thailand and what i will kick myself for missing when i leave. what to do with less than 2 weeks to go?

my mind has moved on to india although my physical body is here. a little on the scared shitless side for traveling in india, but i get that way when i haven't been someplace before. and for me india has been so built up in my mind, so many good and bad stories. it is really hard to go someplace with no fear or expectations.

but don't worry i'll keep you posted.

and for the record internet cafes full of thai boys blow. they are so annoying!


Bec said...

I heard that 'thai boys blow' and I figured it sucked....

Get it.. haha blow... haha.. suck

I miss you


Anonymous said...

what's up with the monk who chopped off his manhood with a machete over there? Man, first, Thai boys blow, now, monk went chop, chop, chop...ouch! When you get to India, make sure you check if there really is a 7/11 university where they major in business administration.

ali said...


thanks for keeping this blog, for it has inspired and moved me, made me laugh and wish, made me think of you in my prayers and made me pray that my path might lead in a similar direction. a true light.

shine bright,

(whom you don't know, but i'm a dancer in new orleans --n.o.madic tribal || i'm friends with Lenay and Tobias and acquainted with a number of FCers/Red Lotus folk).