Friday, January 26, 2007

teacher dance day

i couldn't sleep last night. not suprisingly my good pal insomnia dropped by for a visit. it reminded me i was suddenly cold, and that my pillow is about as thick as a panty liner, and my blankets smell faintly of burlap, and the wood slats of my bed can be felt through what passes as a "matress" here in india.
everytime a cow farted outside my eyes would open. with the countdown for home started in the furthest reaches of my brain, my hamster has returned to its rusted wheel.
my final waking in the morning was to a woman wailing. i think someone must of died. it was long hysterical wailing for over an hour. i layed with my head hidden under the covers listening.
this week has really really kicked my ass. i had every intention of pulling through, going to my first class and continuing on this path of hard core hard core. but then walking in the morning i decieded i needed a teacher dance day, a mental health day, well a mental health morning at least. today is the last day of my workshop, and though i've been loving it, and my students are great, i will be happy to change my focuse to just learning.
and with rehersal coming into full full swing i'm really not allowed a day off. so this morning i talked to my guru and said, "hey i take vacation from stepping class" and he say's "okay, rest but come for item class"
really this means i only skip out on 1.5 hours of morning exercise. so i drank chai and watched my duid-wallah, i ate a large breakfast, and i came here, to write to you.
thrilling isn't it?
my spanish boy leaves today. i would be sad, but why? i am completely consumed with the dancing.
we had a film crew come to our school the other day. they took footage of colleena dancing and of the advanced class (me included) rehersing. so next sunday night we will be on rajastani tv.
i was told that one month intinsive in odissi is equal to one year of study, so when i'm done here i should have the equevilent of 2.5yrs of work.
my brain needs to figure out how to come back next year.

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Anonymous said...

Hey whom do u learn Odissi from?