Friday, January 26, 2007


more more more. i have been so busy here i can't see straight.
i had a solo performance the other night, and the place was jammed packed. there was no drinks and no fear. the crowd loved me. boy's and girls i'm big in india.
i am at the end of my 10hr workshop. i have 2 odissi dances under my belt and starting a third. my right heel has had a blow out and it is difficult to dance.
i am dancing so much that i have to work to find time to eat.
the cold "winter" has melted away after a month and the days are hot now, hot like dry hot. my skin is aging before my eyes.
i've fallen in love with the duid-wallah. an old man with a curling white beard, a multi-colored turban, and gold ear cuffs. i see him every morning as he rides in on his big motorcycle, milk pales tied to either side.
i've fallen in love with a spanish man that can see straight through me.
i have become part of a wonderful family here. a bunch of dance geeks that watch dance videos for fun.
we have a new teacher today, he has come to help whip us into shape. my feet and ankles are no longer my own, or at least i can't feel them so i don't think i should claim them.
my nights are filled with buckets of hot water and tiger balm....

countdown to performance is one month...

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