Friday, January 12, 2007

skinny will come...

we've been hard at work learning a new type of step. this type has a 1-10 and is known as trephungi. those that have taken colleena's workshop, or an odissi class will be familiar with this.
once again i feel like an ape. my knuckles dragging on the ground i leap back and forth screaming and throwing poo at the others. it always comes back to poo.
we are also in a 4/4 to 6/8 transition in the dance, we do a fancy little ballet leap with it. this too makes me revert to my ape ancestors and it's all i can do to stay in form and not shake my hands over my head making monkey noises.
my Guru is and ageless indian man. he sits behing his drum and yells out "No! WHY!" when we do something wrong. he is a fantastic teacher, and never asks us to do anything he can't do. it is amazing with new choreography to watch him dance, sometimes i forget i'm supposed to replicate it. and he always does it once and the say's "you know like this" like i have any idea what he's talking about.
today at our morning break i was laughing at my trephungi attemps and talking with the other dancers about how great our thighs must look and Guruji comes up to me and say's "don't worry skinny will come"
now i can't say that this was something that i was really thinking about. i mean i put on some weight in thailand, but after almost a month of dancing i can feel the difference in my body and i don't think i'm looking all that bad.
all i could really do is laugh and say "really Guruji skinny will come?"
and in all seriousness he looks at me like a concerend father and say's "yeah yeah you a dancer, you have good mind, skinny will come"
so praise God boys and girls skinny will come!

i finally met an indian man that had lived abroad in the west for 6months. he is dissatisfied with his life, he is planning and dreaming for something different than what he has. it seems to be a rare find here in Pushkar, someone that isn't happy with their pre-ordained path. i'm not sure really if it is a good thing, dissatisfaction, but it was nice to finally meet someone that seemed to really think about things and their place in life.

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