Thursday, January 04, 2007

new years and feeling like death

on new years i didn't camp in the desert or the dessert. i did however spend it under the stars listening to a man with a voice to describe. audioual honey. everytime i hear this man sing i am frozen, i can't explain.
i wanted to turn my head sideways and spoon the richness into my ears. once he was done i wanted to plug my ears with my fingures and keep his voice safe in my head. unfortunatly it doesn't work that way. he is however my song teacher, and sings when we dance. only once have i danced to him singing, and i just really couldn't function, i became all elbows and shuffeling steps!
and part two. i have been SO sick! after all this time i was thumbing my nose at the travel sick bug. don't get me wrong i have plenty of shit stories to share on a one to one basis, but as far as sick goes, it has been quick and never too painfull.
so happy new year, the purge of 2006 is done and i physically felt it passing. today is my first day out of bed after about 50 hours of sleep. i really hope this is all for the new year!

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