Saturday, February 17, 2007


Monday, February 05, 2007
19 days till performance.
we have been working so hard here at the studio that EVERYONE fell sick at once. a massive gust of desert air pushed a cold virus from one dry nose to another. with in a day we were all down for the count. my guesthouse boyfriend kept me supplied in tea and conversation, he brought me flowers for my durga, and made sure i was well taken care of.
i took 2.5 days off of school and slept slept slept. i went through a whole tissue roll with my nose alone. today i fell much better. today we held a meeting about keeping the school healthy for the next 19 days, after that who cares?
i'm in the middle of dance #3, but luckily will only be performing two dances on stage. i can't wait to get my pretty costume from orissa, and pretend to be a classical dancer.
i need an accordian player and a human beatbox artist on my return, i have plans of grandure for the stage.
my return. i can't seem to get my return date sorted out, and have been having horrid problems with a return date. i think i may have to live with the gypsys and do henna in the markets once this dance program is over. my time is running longer than my $. but it is only $ and i know my dear friends and family won't make me stoop to prostitution. well if they do i live in the right hood!
i've been trying to get in good with the silver guys here in town, but still their prices are so high! they know me by name but still levey the "white skin tax" so things aren't much cheaper than they would be in america. also pushkar is such a tourist markwet that if i don't pay the prices someone else will.
i saw a world famouse indian flautist last night. somehow my picture ended up in the hindi paper from it. i've yet to see it, but while walking to school this morning i kept getting my local dollar dropping report and, oh you are in the paper today! no one seemed to have a copy on them, but i'll check it out.
i meet a traveling painter from south africa that has started sketching me, and wants to paint dancer portraits.
what else? i have a parcel as big as my body that needs to make it into the mail, i have to hire a coolie to carry it for me.
pushkar is still a dream. everyday i start to forget, but then i open my eyes.

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