Saturday, February 17, 2007

sorry about that...

well i've had quite a few emails asking me about my blog, pretty much where was it? what had happened? are you still alive?
well the story is that i am forced to upgrade my blogger account, but since i'm working on a PET here and the connection is "carrier pigeon", you can imagine how l9ong ot takes to create anything. nothing is easily done in india, even if it is as simple as putting on your socks...

i have been moonlighting and keeping a second blog on the horrid myspace, and for your reading pleasure i have just caught you up on them. there's not much there, but enjoy.

as for right now, more the same. i think i may have caught a parasite, or my body is just wrecked. i gave him a name, seeing as how close we are, and he has become quiet a big part of the dance community. i hope to god it's something insane like a tapeworm.

also just one week to performance. it will be nice to be done with it...sometimes the build-up is too much. let's just do this and get on with our lives please.

i have given up on my plane ticket and am setteling in for my new life. i either end up working with the gypsys in the market, or getting married and learning to cook. hard choice right? but in all seriousness i am learning some mad dancing skills, and after this program passes i will start to learn a dance so feirce that it takes my breath away.

so yes i am alive, i am well. i am submurged in a dream, refusing to wake up.

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