Tuesday, December 05, 2006

all my bags are packed...

all my bags are packed

i'm ready to go

peter, paul, and mary are running through my mind and the theme music for today is leaving on a jet plane. since the loss of the ipod i unfortunatly have to sing it to myself and all those unfortunate to be near me.

i am getting a little sad to be leaving Thailand.
i rolled into bangkok for a little R&R and it turned into party like a rockstar.
so maybe leaving is for the best.
i've meet so many amazing people, and so many crazy ones too!
i lose the creeps and keep the cool, i even meet someone that lives a few blocks away from my house in SF!!!

so yup time to go. it's been a good go here in thailand. i have overall loved it! and really can't wait to come back!!

so think of me tonight everyone as i'm on a jet plane, still i really don't know when i'll be back again...but sometime.


Anonymous said...

we are all here waiting....


tish said...

You;'ll be back again with ME.
I know, i know, but i have no money right now...i WILL though.

Sandi said...

Have a great time in India! Say hello to Colleena for me!