Thursday, December 14, 2006

step step step

so here i am in pushkar.
i've heard so many many different things about pushkar. some people love it, some hate it. it is a small indian town surrounding one of the holy lakes in india. indians come here to bath in the waters and wash away the bad in their life. it is an all vegetarian town, no eegs even to be had, no booze either but plenty of hard drugs if you like.
at the moment the weather is quite cold and me with no jacket and only one pair of socks. as i've been on the go for the past week and really not paying attention to myself my body has decieded to hold a strike. it isn't happy with my go go go state of living, and now has become sick in hopes of getting me to sit still.
i feel slightly awful but attended my first odissi stepping class today in a fairy tale like temple in the heart of the city.
this place is absolutly wonderful. it is like nothing i've ever seen. and there is such a hush, a calm, a peacefulness that i really don't think can be found anywhere else in the world.
i have a room for $2 a night, and am moving towards negotiations as my time here will be of some duration. it is small and shiva blue with green shutters and door. there is a rooftop fillled with pillows and places to lay and just quite nice. around the cornere from me is i believe the only Bramin temple in all of india.
i explored to town a bit but have been trying to lay low and drink lots of juice.
i was pounced on by crazy hill women that gave me awful menghi and tried to charge me $12. one of them will be my future dance teacher...
colleena is out of town but will return tomorrow, her guru is the cutest old man i've ever seen and runs all of the classes.
i have already made a group of friends, this town is filled with forgien women coming here to study and dance, it is almost like i'm at home!
i've been trying to post more pictures but having problems!!!

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