Thursday, December 21, 2006

wax on, wax off

day #4 of my intensive dance course. i woke up this morning and really just wanted to stay in bed. all this time loafing in thailand has really done nothing for my stamina, unless of course it is the ability to sit in one place and drink for beer for hours. that one i've become great at. pushkar is however, and thankfully, a dry town, so no drinking. i mean you can find it in underground markets along with eegs and weed. funny combination huh.
well i did manage to rouse myself from my fuzzy wuzzy blanket and throw on my dancing clothes. i stopped and had my morning juice, then stopped and had my morning chai, mmmm fresh oj and fresh chai.
i made it through morning stepping class and am feeling more and more like the karate kid. i am learning strange stretches and hand motions, completely out of context. i'm not sure of their order or purpose but i am hoping that one day soon Guruji (my teacher) will suddenly challange me to a battle and i'll be able to bust out the "fast speedy" moves and be kicking some Odissi ass. or maybe i won't.

also i have to report that i am having the worst luck with digital cameras here. i've been trying to load photos, and been unlucky, and then yesterday a computer wrapped its jaws around my little memory card and wouldn't let go. it had to be illegaly disconnected and now the card, and ALL my india photos are gone.
i had to hunt around town, Pushkar is small, for a new card for my camera. i'm hanging onto the old card in hopes that the computer geeks that love me can rescue the lost Taj Mahal shots. poo to me and digital cameras.

so new card, and then i'll see if i want to load new photos, you all may have to wait for the 7hour slide show i'm going to tour around to each house on my return. veggie cocktail weiners for all, and little american flags for some.

as some of you may be wondering, christmas here is simply all night techno music parties at certain guesthouses. the day itself falls on a school day for me, so while you are unwrapping your gifts think of my little feet trying to slap the pavement over and over again.

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