Friday, March 02, 2007


Friday, February 23, 2007

last night we rehearsed on the "stage". i really can't wait to share photos. really the "stage" is a bunch of tables pushed together. they have rocks shoved under the feet where things don't match up. i feel like i am walking on a water bed the boards are so bouncy. then the legs are strapped together and there is a pad laid down and then a big white bed sheet, full of stains and holes.
i didn't mean to but i cried with the first run through. i mean we've been working on this show for months now, and then to put us on a stage like that, it really cancels out all the hard work. i say this without being a princess, really. i mean have you ever tried to spin on a bed sheet? okay maybe one girl, but how about 8 girls spread out spinning at the same time on the same sheet? little crazy, and when we stomp. bad. the vibrations from one girl rock those around her off balance. pure maddness.
they say they are going to do something about it, but what? this is an indian stage, welcome to india. this place still boggels my mind.
also we recieved our special costumes from Orissa. some how my "blue and silver" sari turned into a purple and cream...i feel like barney in it. this are of course the times that i have to let go. none of this is in my control. i will be happy when the program is done. but i fear the stage. i don't even feel like i can call it a stage. it is evil...

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