Friday, September 29, 2006

farang in paradise or how a gecko almost killed me

alright so i've made contact with kristina.i meet her at a random 7-11 cross town. i had to show the tuk tuk driver the spelling of the area, because i am a farang and i can't speak thai. the driver was crazy... oh well let me back up.

my jet lag is still alive and well.i woke up at 2am again and was so full of energy i danced around my room with my ipod. silly yes, but i was alone, and while writing blogs i really don't feel like anyone is reading them. so yeah dancing around the room till the ipod dies, and it always does because the battery sucks.

so i need to pee. i sneek out in the hall in my wrap and almost step on a little gecko, poor little yellow guy. it reminds me of sleepiing in a hut in hawaii and getting bit by a cockroach, and then the gecko's came out and protected me. well no bad bugs so far but it is always comforting to see geckos. so i side step the little guy, who doesn't move, and go into a bathroom stall. of course on the floor is something small that moves WAY to fast...i do a little scardy cat dance backwards into the main bathroom. yeah just another gecko. little bastard gave me a heart attack...

then it's finally 7am and i go the the bar/cafe next door. i am the only one having breakfast, and am placed between two tables with european men and thai women. they are drunk and all over eachother and talk constantly about sex. i want to talk to these girls and get the low down on what they really think. kristina was telling me it's all about the money. that when they go to get married there is a dowery that starts at one million baht, so like uh $25,000 i think....i took her word for it and didn't do the math.

then this guy turns to me and ignors his thai chicks, he has two, and tells me a depressing story of living in thailand for two years and losing his thai wife and children somehow, and his brother was murdered in london and he is going home. poor guy i don't blame him for being drunk. i said some really useless bullshit and ran off to catch a ride.

so yeah my tuk tuk driver was so funny. when i told him where i wanted to go he didn't understand me, so he calls all his friends over and they don't understand me, so i show them the name written down. it takes a couple of minutes and they start laughing and being thai men, and i get in the tuk tuk. this guy is crazy, he has an infectious and constant laugh, he's swearving in and out of oncoming traffic, shooting several snot rockets along they way, like a trail of crumbs to follow back. he chats with me incesently and then laughs. i can't help but laugh but more at the situation than anything else.

so i meet kristina, a little thai lady helps me dial they pay phone because i'm obviously a farang, or non thai, and therefor disabled.

nothing much more exciting for the day, it's past four and i'm still awake! kristina takes her LSAT on sunday, and we are going for a two hour oil massage tomorrow, and she has promised to go to a pingpong ball show with me in the red light, but i think it will wait till next time we are in bangkok...

it is so fun to meet up with her here. peace corps is paying for our room so we have AC and our own bathroom. oh yeah living the life.

so that's it for now, i'll be headed north on sunday night, headed for the boarder of loas and thailand. kristina told her village about me. told them i sold everything and a looking for the meaning of life, they want me to study meditation at their temple, so we'll see how it goes.


soy said...


soy said...

oops that wasn't supposed to be just HEY. that was HEY!!! it sounds like your adventures are warming up. we still miss you here. i thought this would make you smile:


rick said...

pretty interesting stuff. beats renting movies from netflix...ooops, that must be my popcorn in the microwave. don't be surprise if kyra follows your footsteps ( minus the gecko ). take care kris.


skunk3310 said...

are you not going to come to Japan? you can stay at my house in Tokyo:)



Quang said...

Hi Kristine! I've been reading your blogs.. sorry didnt have time to make an account to leave you a comment. But today is friday sept 29.. about 4:30.. im in the middle of break of my lunch and dinner shift. It sounds like you are definately having an awesome adventure! I hope all is well.. and come back when you're ready =D we miss you at paradiso!

Love always!


hi littlest sister with the biggest adventures... I am now a blogger because of you, too little sleep, and too much Coronas and Daniel Handler.

You sound like your at such a good place... I love you.