Tuesday, September 26, 2006

the chicken suit has landed

okay so i made it, it's humid as hell, i've been in transit for 24 hrs, the letters are rubbed off of the keys, and as most of you know i'm a really bad speller....so have mercy on me when you read my posts.

that said. YES! i made it. i was on an airplane for so long i was begining to forget where i was going and what i was doing.

i think solitary travel, especially solitary transit time is set up to mess with your head. the less i speak the more i forget how to speak, and then when i have to i become dumd almost like i'm unable to. i had so much time getting here that i think i wrote 20 pages in my travel journal. i will share the highlights with you.

i think the best part was my neighbor on the 13.5 hr plane ride. very tall large 66 yr old man that was going deaf, and had a bad sense of humor. he was on his way to vietname for a girlfriend, but he had several lined up just in case one didn't work out. i learned this even before we got off the ground. he kept yelling at the flight attendents, and told me he doesn't like american women, and why at 29 have i never been married? right, lots of fun. he was into the asian women because they were subserviante, good with business, and didn't mind ugly old white men.i pretended i was asleep for most of the ride. fortunatly we parted ways in taipai and i'm sure he's making some poor womans life hell right now.

nothing much more happened until i landed, i was swept up with two other americans and an israli sharing a cab to the main tourist spot, this place is like telegraph on crack and all i've managed to do is get a room, and find the internet.i'm a little put out because i need to remeber to act differently here. that means no eye contact with strange men when i'm walking alone. it's such a drag, but other wise they think it's a pick up. i know this yet forget this about traveling alone, at least this will be a good warm up to india.

so today is tuesday for me, and i will be meeting with kristina on friday, so plenty of time to kick around town. the weather feels like i am sitting in a sauna, becky you would hate it!
hmmm not much more for you yet, just wanted to make sure everyone knew i was here!

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soy said...

hiii. glad you made it there safely. we miss you lots at home! man, i'm glad it wasn't me sitting next to that guy, there would have been a fight!

anyway, will be checking back to see what you've been doing with your first snippet of travel - love you n miss you xoxoxoxoxo