Friday, May 29, 2009

should be doing something else...

that seems to be my mantra, there is always this "something else" lingering, but what was it?
well currently i suppose it is getting dress, walking my dog, and getting to work. bleh.
it is friday and i have been out playing all week long, and last night is no exception. I went to a benefit party for a worthy cause for a lady i don't know but it was a great show with a ton of friends so i thought i should go.
in some ways for me to it was a reclaiming of a some society. do you know that scenario that happens when you take a lover to close to home? and then when the shit hits the fan it makes things a little awkward, seems to happen to me too much but i do have a weakness for interesting men. hmm, well yeah i've been feeling that, or i was and i was determined to get over my lame ass shit because it exists in my head only, and go have fun where i want to have fun, you know.

but as it may be the WAS was not present, his was and probably still is was present, and she had that hungry heroin look in her eyes. searching for the lover at the party when the lover is not man enough to commit, leaves you hanging on, giving just a little, just enough to make you unstable and unhappy for most of your interactions, or lack of interactions. yeah i've had that look, it made me remember that he needs a lot of work in a few areas and i was more "expensive" than that, as my friend Kae likes to tell me and i am better off without.

all this of course is in a flash, the catch, the light, the memories, and then i am back to watching one of the most amazing women of my acquaintance doing her preforming monkey bit, and dancing my ass off to the balkan brass band, Brass Menagerie.
I have memories again of my friend Tobias's house and walking into the kitchen with a full brass band blasting it, my first encounter with the Menagerie, at that time all i wanted was to get out and save my ears, who knew i would grow to love them so.

but now spike is realy wanting out, i am parked in a street sweeping zone, and really really REALLY need to get moving.

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