Saturday, May 23, 2009

its been a long long time

since i wrote.
i just read through my last blog, over a year ago, and am happy to report that i am in a happier place.
so much has happened, life has that amazing gift of rolling along with no respite, and your choices are to sink or swim, sometimes i enjoy the sinking, but you must also get back to the rhythmic back stroke and find a new sandy shore.

life is not exactly as i have dreamed, but thinking in the stoic philosophy of life all is amazing exactly as i would like for now. being a Gemini i wonder if i can ever truly gain satisfaction and contentment.

work is work, despite the recession i have more than i can handle and i am paying off bills, saving for my golden years, saving for trips, keeping the dog in kibble, and still buying fluevogs here and there.

dance is great, we are in the middle of a dvd shoot, instructional work on floor work, we worked from 10-6 yesterday, and today my body is tired but nothing awful, no ungodly injuries to speak of. Tomorrow we wrap it up and i have a strange desire to make cupcakes for all involved, vegan chocolate with coffee icing.

i have to say i am particularly proud of myself in the are of dance, because i pushed myself a bit for the dvd and did a standing drop demo with CN, something i am capable of but not well versed in. i think i did okay, but i am interested to see how the footage looks. i was however nervous to the point of nausea when it was our turn, the whole troupe and camera crew staring at us, i was so off balance i almost fell over on the first one, i actually almost panicked and ran out of the room before the shoot, but i made my mind shut down and my body take over, so it was all fine in the end.

photography is good, still having shoots here and there, dancers, costumers, etc, i have a wedding coming up this september for a friend of mine, i am doing it for shoes! Ha i am a cheap hire!

personal life?

i was living in a gloomy little basement apartment for 18months, me spike and fatty, poor fatty didn't see the sunlight for a whole year and a half!
but we are out of there now and with my lovely room mate and fabulous costume designer Kathleen Crowley, she blogs too, find her at:

well bec just called got go...

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I love your blog